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Bonus System

1. Visa Privilege Club

Visa Premium cardholders with card type discount can enjoy no money limit. Consumers can make a choice between offerings of a Belhouse standard discount or Visa. Visa Gold- holders are entitled to 10% discount, while Visa Platinium-'s and Visa Infinite- holders a 15% discount.

2. American Express

in Belhouse showrooms, benefits include :
Blue Amex-'s -consumers receive 1% cash back of purchased price .
Green and Gold Amex card- on each GEL spent, consumers receive 1.5 Amer points.
Amex Reward card - on each GEL spent consumers receive 1 Amer point on card.

3. VTB Card

In case of using VTB Bank's any credit card in Belhouse showrooms, consumer will get 3% cash back of purchased price.

4.  Prime Card

In case of payment with TBC Primecard, Prime Gold, Prime Classic- and -Prime platinum cards, consumers will get 4% cash back of purchased price.

5. Unicard

Unicard card can be used, in Belhouse too,(as in physical as in online store), where cardholders are awarded with points for any purchase.
In Belhouse consumer gets 1 point on every 10 GEL spent on the card. . The points can be exchanged with a variety of items, vouchers, fuel, bills, travel, and products with points in supermarkets: Smart, Spar, Foodmart and Ioli.

6.Epic Development

With Epic Development’s discount card consumer gets 20% discount on full collection any time, and if the Belhouse has a sale, in this case on represented discount there will be a 5% additional discount just for this card holders. The card can be used multiple times till the end of December 2016.

7. M2


M2 Club Card - allows cardholders to use 15% - discount on any furniture at Belhouse.
With M2 and "Belhouse” joint discount card, you can get a 20% discount on any of the furniture. The card can be used multiple times until the end of June 2017. During the sale period, consumers can enjoy a Belhouse discount or with M2 discount card.
M2 has 500 GEL vouchers, which are used with purchases above $ 2000 . The voucher is valid for one-time and can be used until the end of June 2017. Discount cards and vouchers can be used together, while the discounted price is more than $ 2000

8. Metra Development

"Metra" and "Belhouse" joint discount cards consider 20% discount and is valid for a full collection of furniture. The card holder can use either the store discount or credit card with the current store discount. The card is valid for multiple uses and can be used until the end of September 2018. "Metra"s apartment owners can use the 5000 GEL vouchers in "Belhouse"’s any branch on the full collection. The voucher is valid for one-time use, and up to 5000 GEL.

9.Construction company, "Green Budapest"

Green Budapest "residents will be given a discount card, through which cardholders can enjoy a 20% discount" belhausis "All branches of the full collection of furniture. Shop at the current discount, the cardholder can pick their own up to a discount.
"Green Budapest" ‘s 500 Gel voucher can be used in any showroom of "Belhouse" . Vouchers are used only in case of the discounted cost of the discount card is or exceeds 6000 GEL. The voucher is valid for one-time use and its duration continue until the end of 2016.