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Why Belhouse?

1. Professional Consultants

At "Belhouse", you will be served by professional consultants who will answer any questions you may have about all of our products. You will receive high-quality and effective service in a short time period. 2. High-quality furniture from Europe

2. High-quality furniture from Europe

Furniture House "Belhouse" imports furniture from 4 European countries’ (Belarus, Italy, Poland, Ukraine) companies: Fameg, Gamma, Paged, Dommino, Maridex, Molodechnomebel, Szynaka, Rondo, Mayerline, Bydgoskie, Swarzedzhome, Klose, Brw, Kler, Vileykamebel, Korsak, Vero, Laguna, Zov, Zlatamebel.

At the same time, "Belhouse" is an official representative of the aforementioned companies in Georgia. “Belhouse” is a company which is fully open with its customers and transparently operates any foreign furniture with manufacturers, which gives customers the possibility to obtain any information about all of our products.

3. 0 % installment with any bank

"Belhouse" offers free 12- months 0% installment plan with successful banks available on the Georgian market. (TBC bank, Bank of Georgia , Bank Republic , Liberty Bank , VTB Bank , etc.) .

4. The free storage service

"Belhouse" offers its customers free storage for any purchased furniture for up to 1 year.

5. Free delivery service throughout the country

In case of 300+ GEL purchase, furniture house "Belhouse", offers free delivery service throughout the country.

In Tbilisi and in the surrounding areas, you can select desired delivery day (except for the day when an item was purchased) and our professional employees will deliver and if necessary assemble it.

As for delivery system outside of Tbilisi, product will be delivered no later than 2-3 weeks, according to the agreement.

Cost of outgoing delivery service is included in the service and does not require any additional cost.

6. Domestic installment

"Belhouse" offers internal installment. Maximum Duration:8 months. Duration depends on the cost of the acquisition.

7. At least 2 years of service

"Belhouse" offers free service from 2 to 10 years. The service duration depends on the item.

8. At least 2-year warranty

"Belhouse" provides at least 2 year warranty for the furniture. Warranty duration depends on the item.

9. Designer services

"Belhouse" offers free interior design services. Our designer will assist in the selection of furniture and in the overall interior design.

10. The variety of choices

At “Belhouse”, you can buy many types of furniture. We offer a wide variety of soft furniture, many types of wood furniture, and MDF furniture. In addition of this “Belhouse” has a large amount of kitchen accessories and all necessary furniture for it .

At “Belhouse” you can buy any kind of furniture that suits your house and comfort.

11. The environmentally friendly products

"Belhouse" offers environmentally friendly products, which is the most important aspect for your health.